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Bosnian Refugee Camp


Tasovcici Refugee Camp


In 1994 we began a full-service volunteer program at the Tasovcici Refugee Campin Capljina, Bosnia; a temporary shelter for about 100 children. 


Later we moved the program to the Wagon Camp, where 150 children and their families were sheltered in abandoned railway carriages. 


We financed and performed major repairs at the Wagon Camp, and purchased two mobile dental clinics for use at the camps.


Nobody’s Children Bosnia is recognized by the UNHCR and is registered as an international aid agency with the municipalities of Capljina, Mostar, and Sarajevo.


With the improvement of conditions after cessation of hostilities, we have closed these operations but continue our dental program in Bosnia.


Program components included:

  • Medical dispensary

  • Dental clinic

  • Comprehensive youth program, including a complete sports program, music instruction, and language instruction

  • Solicitation and distribution of caravans of food and supplies from international donors

  • Purchase and distribution of fruit and vegetables monthly to supplement the UNHCR rations

  • Nobody’s Children Olympic Games, held between camps every spring

  • Annual Summer Camp, which allowed 250 children summertime respite from the confines of the refugee camp at an oceanside retreat

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