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  • Our ongoing program in Romania employs local personnel for child care and education, and is overseen by a Romanian volunteer.

  • Nobody's Children owns and operates Casa Katarina, a group home for abused and homeless children and mothers in Craiova, Romania.















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  • Medical evacuations

  • Refugee camp

  • AIDS work in Botswana

  • Projects in South America

  • Hurricane Katrina

  • Doctor-to-doctor program



  • Since 1992 we have brought more than 20 doctors to the US from numerous countries to help move them away from outmoded ideas and practices.

  • In 2015 we brought 5 pediatric opthalmologists and neonatologists to the US to learn about retinopathy of prematurity.

  • Invariably, the exposure to the American system of teamwork and evidence-based-medicine has been inspirational to these doctors, and given them the tools to make changes in their home country for the benefit of children



MARIA was blind as a result of prematurity, but she still enjoys a balloon and a truck. When we learned of her plight in Romania, we mobilized people and resources to bring her first to a clinic in Rome, and then to Detroit, where Dr. Antonio Capone Jr., world expert in this condition, has performed a series of surgical procedures that are bringing her sight again. The wonderful people at Beaumont Hospital in Detriot and exceptional members of the Romanian community in Detroit are helping as her as she travels to the US for more surgery.

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