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Baby Maria Elena and her mother Daniela, and Baby Oliver and his mother Monica (escorted  by our Romanian Representative Mr. Dan Rosca,) all arrived  safely in Royal Oak Michigan on Monday. Their accommodations are within walking distance of The William Beaumont Hospital, which is very convenient.


Today Oliver had surgery on his right eye and it went very well. Dr. Capone was very pleased with the healing that has occurred since his April surgery. His next surgery is next Wed. Our happy Baby Maria Elena will have her  eye surgery on Monday.


Nobody’s Children friends in the Royal Oak area have been visiting, bringing food and sharing meals with them. Wonderful support.


A very special Thank You for those that have donated.  As you might imagine all this travel and surgery is very costly, financial donations are still needed.


Donations can be sent by PayPal, or mailed to:

Nobody’s Children, P.O. Box 1076 Windham, New Hampshire 03087.


These beautiful babies so deserve the gift of sight! Thank You for being part of the their TEAM .


Last fall we told you about Maria Elena, a baby now 10 months old from northern Romania, with blindness from a developmental abnormality of her eyes. She is presently preparing for the next phase of treatment, planned in Detroit with two sequential surgeries on 4/24/17 and 5/1. We are now raising the money for these operations and for travel and lodging for mother and baby.

Maria Elena's plight came to our attention last year, when she needed urgent surgery before her retina was irreversibly damaged. We were able to make arrangements for this delicate specialized surgery to be performed by world experts at a center of excellence in Royal Oak, Michigan. Nobody's Children provided air travel and housing, and donors came forward with the funds for medical expenses.

Because of donor generosity, she was able to undergo initial surgery in Royal Oak on Jan 9th. The initial stage of repair went well, she returned home with her mother to Romania, and Dr. Capone saw her at his clinic in Rome a few weeks later and was delighted at her improvement. Now she can see light, keeps her eyes open, and bubbles with joy. 

She has healed enough now to undergo the second stage of surgery to optimize her possible vision. This all costs money, however. Please help with contributions, either by check to Nobody's Children or by credit card or PayPal (button below). Your contributions will go to help Maria Elena.

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