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Doctor to Doctor

Beginning with our first medical mercy mission in 1992, we have brought a Romanian physician along with the child who needed care.


This provided a sort of medical translator for the child, but the real motive was to expose the doctors to modern medical thought and to the modern organization of medical care in the US.  Each doctor has the capacity to improve the care of hundreds of children once he or she returns home.


Over the last 24 years we have had dozens of doctors from Romania, Bosnia, and Venezuela live in our home and engage in observerships at most of the major Boston Hospitals. The hospitals and many physician practices have been generous in their cooperation.


Our roster includes pediatricians, surgeons, infectious disease specialists, AIDS specialists, urologists, plastic surgeons, opthalmologists, neonatologists, obstetrician/gynecologists, and pediatric cardiologists. They continue to spread modern medical practice in their home countries.

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