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Beginning in 1993, we shipped over 10,00 pounds of aid  to the war zone in Bosnia, and distributed in Sarajevo, East Mostar, and Capljina. 


  • This includes an ambulance and complete hospital shipped in a US C5A transport to Tuzla. 


  • Through 1999, our volunteers there solicited and distributed caravans of supplies from the British Isles and Italy for our camps there.


  • For six years we ran support and youth programs in the Tasovcici and Wagon refugee camps.  Now the camps are either closed or self-sufficient settlements.


  • During the Kosovo war, we supported a soup kitchen for the Kosovo refugees who had fled to the Mostar area.


  • During the Bosnian war we supported a summer camp for refugee children, to allow them escape from the confines of their daily life.


  • During and after the war we assisted in the distribution of Christmas packages to the refugee families of the Capljina area.   These gifts have been the annual project of the Arlinghaus family of Kentucky



  • In 1996 we purchased a mobile dental clinic, which is situated outside Mostar.  This clinic provided free dental care to hundreds of children each month.


  • In November 2003, we finished construction of a permanent dental clinic in affiliation with the Mostar Health Department.  Named the Nobody's Children Arlinghaus Dental Clinic, in honor of the extended family in Kentucky who were instrumental in facilitating this clinic, we now can offer modern services free to those who cannot pay, and at a reduced rate for those who can pay.


  • After we funded the clinic for more than 15 years, the municipality of Mostar was finally able to take over the clinic.


  • In November 2000 we opened the Hasim Resic Fitness Center in Mostar.  This is a workout facility located in the orphanage but open to the public for a small fee.  This center is an outlet for the unemployed youth of the area, as well as a source of income to help provide food for the orphanage.

Bosnian War Projects

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